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Typical consumers no longer trust traditional TV or print advertising the way they used to. Consumers are turning to word-of-mouth recommendations from people they trust or looking to purchase from a brand they already know.

How Do People Make Money on YouTube?

This feeling of being acquainted makes them comfortable with you and more trusting of what you say and the products you offer. My name is Kallie and I've been on YouTube for four years at But First, Coffee , and in that time I've amassed nearly k subscribers in fact, by the time this post is live I may have hit it!

I've learned a lot through trial and error, but also from my friends in the YouTube community. The best part about having a YouTube channel are the people you meet and how supportive everyone is. You can also think about an audience you haven't tapped into yet, and create videos that they might be searching for. You want to gradually expand your niche instead of doing a Even with a good plan, getting started with video content can be a daunting task. Often, people sit down, film some awesome videos, and upload them to YouTube only to see that no one is watching them.

This usually leaves them feeling defeated. There's nothing worse than spending a lot of time creating awesome video content and then not having anyone to watch it. These five tips are ones that will help you get more viewers watching your videos, allowing you to reach your target customer. Search engine optimization is so important in every aspect of your business.

You want Google to be able to find your content An optimized description box is your first step to getting in front of the people who are searching for exactly what you have to offer. This is where SEO comes into play. A combination of your title, video description, engagement on your video, overall channel success, and other factors will help your video rank better.

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By taking the time to craft an optimized description box with relevant keywords that tell YouTube and Google what your video is about and what it offers, you're boosting the chances that your video will show up in searches and helping it get recommended next to related videos. Remember when I mentioned that YouTube is one of the largest search engines? The biggest mistake I see nearly all new video creators make is neglecting thumbnail images. They pour hours and hours into creating a great video and then think about the thumbnail as an afterthought.

Thumbnails are the very first thing that your audience will see whne deciding whether or not to click on your video. In a way, they act like the cover of a book, but instead they're the "cover" of your video. Along with a title, the thumbnail is the only thing that is going to convince someone to even watch your video in the first place. Even if your video is the most incredible, high-quality, and informative piece of content on its topic, if your thumbnail is subpar, no one will click on it.

Remember, people scroll through their phones and desktops at an alarmingly quick rate. Every time I come up with a new idea for a video, the very next thing I do, before I even start planning the video, is decide on a good thumbnail. Eye catching doesn't have to mean over the top.

Here is an example of Damon and Jo's thumbnails. They are minimal but still striking.

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Consistency is key for improving your views and keeping your audience engaged. You want to be consistent in the type of content you're creating, and the cadence of uploading that content. By creating consistent content around fitness, you start to position yourself as an expert on this topic.

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Also, be consistent in uploading. Lack of consistency means eventually people will stop checking back for new content. Engaging content will look different for everyone, and it really depends on you, your personality, and the niche you're creating content in. Be passionate about the topic you're creating videos on and be conscious of how you can make your content more engaging for your audience. This is going to mean different things for every niche and every person. His channel alone has over 62 million subscribers.

Getty Images Entertainment. All of which is to say one thing: Though YouTube's pushing hard into scripted content, it's unlikely that said content is driving much of the huge user numbers YouTube is seeing.

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