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Other parks are scattered throughout the county where you can commune with nature. Even though the Dallas Cowboys aren't technically based in Dallas County, their fan base is certainly in the area, and during football season, every television in the county is tuned in to the Cowboys game.

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Pro football isn't the only passion around here, though, as many Dallas Countians take their college ball just as seriously. If you would like to use this page as a resource for your county, city, state, library, or other page, please link to us! Simply copy and paste the following into your source code:. Premium Public Records Search. Do not click this.

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Find Public Records Now! Records for all courts are combined. Jurisdiction: Felony Restricted Records: No juvenile, mental, sealed, or adoption records released. Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor Restricted Records: No juvenile, mental, sealed, or adoption records released There are eleven judges, hence 11 County Criminal Courts, all at this location. Records are centralized.

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Jurisdiction: Civil Restricted Records: No sealed records released This center includes cases merged from these District Courts: 14, 44, 68, 95, , , , , , , , , and Francis Ave East Dallas Govt. Note there are five County Courts at Law at the location. Closed case files are all in one database. Adair Obituary. Part 1 Part 2. Part 3. List of Biographies.

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July-December Index of Parents, Jan-October Index of Parents, Related Articles. Local Cemeteries: in general " Cemeteries of the City Ferris Cemetery W.

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Census-related Articles. Crime-related articles. Worley's Dallas City Street Directory, Worley's Dallas Business Directory, Landmarks, January-March General Index.

Landmarks, July-December General Index Grigsby Land Claim Case. West Dallas Squatters Camp, 's. MAPS on separate page. Related articles.

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William Wald Glover Interview William H. Beeman Interview, Two-thirds Exchange Certificate Stoneleigh Pharmacy label, 's. Store Fixture Bracket, The Garland Landmark Society.

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Dallas Historical Society Message Board. Researching the History of a Building. Early Methodism in Dallas County, by Rev. Harmon Newman family reunion, circa