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However, the Indiana court can change the order only in certain situations, such as if you, the child, and the other parent all live or used to live in Indiana. If you and the other parent agree to change the child support order, you may not have to go to court for a hearing. To do this, you need to file a paper asking the court to approve the agreed change in child support.

If you have read the above article and you think you are entitled to a change in your child support order, you should first try to get an attorney to represent you. You can hire a private attorney, or ask your local county prosecutor's office, child support division, to help you modify the child support order.

If you cannot get an attorney to help you, you can draft your own pleading and represent yourself in court. Indiana Legal Services uses the law to fight poverty, empower clients, and improve access to justice.

Please consider donating to Indiana Legal Services. We are a not-for-profit corporation, and your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Skip to main content. Changing Child Support Orders. Can I change my child support order? How does the court decide how much child support to order?

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How do I change my child support order? When will the court change my child support order?

How does a court determine child support?

Can any court change my child support order? Top How does the court decide how much child support to order? The following website can help you estimate the amount of child support that should be ordered in your case Child Support Calculator Top How do I change my child support order? Top When will the court change my child support order? When things change so much that the current amount of child support is unreasonable. This might happen if: A parent loses a job. A parent gets a new job and makes a lot more money than he or she did before.

There is a change in custody of the child. If you want to Sure, but you will have to hire an Indiana lawyer to file the suit.

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My divorce will be final in June. I want to know if i have to wait a certian peroid 30 days before i can get remarried. As long as the judge has signed the divorce decree finalizing your divorce, you have received a file stamped copy of that order from the court, you can get married anytime after that. View More Answers.

Yes, you may. Whether or not you have a legal basis for that request or whether or not the judge will grant it is another question.

Indiana Divorce FAQ

All property owned at the time you file for divorce is included in the marital estate. It is included no matter how it is titled or when it was purchased. When dividing marital assets the court can consider value of assets brought into the marriage. There are many factors that may impact how the Do to get this done.

He has custody of the kids right now and is seeking for full custody.

Indiana Child Custody Questions

Your son needs to contact an attorney to set-up an appointment to discuss his case and determine what steps need to be taken going forward. Each case is unique, so it's difficult to provide an answer without knowing more facts about your son's case. We offer free consultations, so feel I have been living in indiana since july , but had my state ID made in september Either you or your spouse has to have been living in Indiana for 6 months.

Your state ID is not dispositive of how long you have been living in Indiana. In addition to having had lived in Indiana for 6 months, you must have lived in the county you are filing in for at least 3 months to file for Yes, Indiana is a no fault state. In Indiana, the petition for dissolution typically states there has been an irretrievably breakdown of the marriage.

Indiana Divorce: What You Need to Know

In Indiana all property owned by the parties at the time of legal separation time divorce is filed is included in the marital estate. As long as pension and or k are vested they will be included in the marital estate. You can file and ask for a provisional hearing, during which you can ask for provisional support. In regard to legal fees, if there is a disparity in income, an attorney can petition the Court for your spouse to pay all or part of your legal fees.

Further, if there are assets that will be sold or assets you will acquire in the divorce, some attorneys will be willing to wait till the divorce is This would be when they're still living together but they decide they no longer want to live together and they're going to get a divorce but have not filed for divorce.

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I want to know if my husband can legally take any possession he wants out of the house. Unfortunately, until there is an Order from the Court or you reach an agreement as to who gets possession of certain property both of you own the property. Therefore there is not much you can do to prevent your spouse from removing property from the marital residence. I recommend taking pictures It depends on what terms are breached, but generally yes. Contact an attorney in your county and he or she can tell you how. After divorce I am wanting to move across town, minutes. We are in a bitter divorce to be decided by the court.

The Importance Of Officially Modifying Child Support And Custody

Have school aged children. It just sounds like ex is bitter and wanting to stay in control. Yes, the court can make you stay in a particular town or school district if you have custody of the children. I was married and divorced in Florida and i used my ex last name during the marriage but when we both were separated i didn't know that i need to ask for my maiden name back. Now i couldn't get my maiden name back as it is not mentioned in my divorce decree. Currently am living in Indiana from past Unfortunately, since you did not change your name in the Divorce Decree, you will need to Petition for a Name Change in Indiana.

The Indiana Supreme Court has a "self service" section that has some online materials on how to file for a Name Change.