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Even then, it is not guaranteed that their location will be traced or a response will be mobilized. They should be advised that their call will alert enforcement agencies as well as the emergency response system. As well as, or instead of, calling they should quickly give you as much information as they can on the phone about their current location and everything they remember about getting there.

Advise them to conserve the battery life in their phone carefully and only move from their location if they feel confident it will better their situation: for example to a traveled road or water source that they can see. Call the consulate of the country of origin of the missing person. Call the one closest to the location where they attempted to cross. You will need the full name and birth date of the missing person.

Often the consulate will only provide information to an immediate family member such as a parent, sibling, spouse, or child. To call from within the US dial To call from Mexico dial It has been our experience that even after consulting the consulate and the online locators, we have been able to find missing persons in detention centers across the border by calling the U. Marshals, ICE offices or the detention centers directly. Remember that you have a right to know where your family member is, and they you do not need to respond to any questions about your status or location.

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