How to look at peoples top friends on myspace

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10 things you forgot you used to do on Myspace as a teen

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Looking back, it might seem like we took cringe-inducing baby steps into the world of social media, but who wouldn't go back to days of emo-haired mirror selfies and cryptic, pining love notes mascaraed as song lyrics? Oh, all of us. OK, fair enough. Looking back though, MySpace wasn't just about embarrassment and teenage angst.

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It was an exciting introduction to social media, a new means of expressing yourself, and a digital presence in a new, online world. Right, who's for a trip down MySpace memory lane? Sure, you might have had MySpace 'friends', but it was those top eight places that you could pick and proudly display on your profile page that you agonised over. And boy did your choices cause a fuss. In a world before Twitter themes and glossy Instagram filters, the height of internet design was customising your MySpace page, and A LOT of time and effort went in to curating the perfect profile.

Key to this was the wallpaper. It had to offer just the right amount of teenage angst meets music cool. Something that says, 'Yeah, my mum might still buy most of my clothes, but I'm a true rebel beneath that'.

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  5. Letting the world know exactly who you were, MySpace offered up many categories that let you show off your individuality. From your heroes to your favourite books and your sexual orientation to future family plans, it was the first proper way to digitally express yourself. The 'Who I'd like to meet' section though was the perfect way to drop some sexual tension filled clues as to who you were crushing on that week. Related: How to take the perfect selfie. Selfies might have exploded in popularity in recent years, but they certainly weren't invented with the rise of Facebook and Snapchat.

    The selfie, often with a moody expression and full on emo fringe were a staple of MySpace. Unlike Kim K and her constant, scantily clad selfies, however, these were snaps that predated the age of the smartphone.

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    That's right, these were selfies that required a mirror and were captured with an actual camera - alright, grandma. No mirrors to hand? Don't worry, a few trial and error efforts of holding the camera well above your head worked too. Ah, MySpace Tom, how we've missed you. Everyone's first and most loyal 'friend', the MySpace co-founder was a reassuring face that greeted each and every one of us and helped boost our overall friend count.

    Sure you guys might have drifted apart over the years, but we're sure Tom still thinks about you just as often as you remember him. What you guys had was something special. Something real. There's no need to worry about what's going on with Tom now all his friends have left him, either. He's now a world-travelling photographer, and this is what MySpace Tom looks like now. Times have always found a way for teens to express themselves through musical tastes, and if you were born in the '80s or early '90s, part of that meant finding the perfect song to express your personality.

    This wasn't just something you shared with mates, either. This was a song that sat proudly on your profile page and would automatically play whenever someone clicked on your profile. Just because you'd picked the perfect profile track didn't mean you could trust anyone else to do the same.