Find people via mobile phone tracking via satillite

3 ways to track people using location-based services

By logging into iCloud, you can open the app and track down your phone. A dead battery could be a problem: the app only works if your cell is turned on. If you report your iPhone as lost or stolen, the device will become nothing more than an expensive paperweight for whoever pocketed it. Just activate "Lost Mode" from iCloud, and the phone will cease to function.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location using google phone locator

A message will display with your back-up contact information, in case anyone chooses to return it. Twenty states have cracked down on snooping with spyware, so never use apps that will turn a cellphone into a spyphone. But if you have permission to track a friend or family member, there are many ways to go about it. Why would you need to track a loved one?

Safety is the biggest reason. After all, you never know who might be hiding a criminal record. For young college students, walking home alone or spending late nights on campus can be risky. A recent study found that 1 in 4 women will experience a sexual assault during their time at college. You can request for a friend to come and get you. The app will track your GPS location and send it to a friend by text message so they know where you are. Another great safety app is Guardly. You can prepare for emergency situations with the app. If you trigger the alarm, Guardly will phone the emergency services, as well as your family and friends.


It can transmit your name, profile, GPS location, and type of emergency. You can set up a profile to include your vital details, health insurance information, and medical data. For instance, if you're deathly allergic to bees, setting up an alarm to trigger if you're stung could save you precious seconds — and spell the difference between life and death.

Find My Friends is a popular and free cell phone tracker. If you and your pals download it, the app will show you where they're hanging out! Sometimes a missed call or bizarre text message from an unknown number might crop up on your cell. Instead of scratching your head and wondering who might be calling, you can easily find out!

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Take your search a step further by running their name through an Instant Checkmate search. You'll be able to view detailed background check information like a date of birth, job history, education, possible histories, and criminal records! Tell us about it in the comments! All Rights Reserved. Tracking An Unknown Number Sometimes a missed call or bizarre text message from an unknown number might crop up on your cell.

If a child or a loved one is lost or kidnapped, you can use this technology to detect their location as long as their devices are turned on.

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Employers can also use this information to monitor the movement of their staff. Use CellSpotting to trace them down at the right moment and confirm your suspicions. Check this page on Wikipedia to learn more about the benefits of cell phone surveillance. After all, there is nothing wrong in trying to track down a suspicious caller or keeping tabs on your own kids.

Here are some of the reasons why CellSpotting stands above all the other tools of this kind. Accurate Results A phone tracking program is only as good as the accuracy of its results. CellSpotting provides accurate results conveniently delivered as GPS coordinates on a map.

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We even provide you with navigation information on how to get to the targeted cell phone. Fast Results Use CellSpotting to accurately track the location of any mobile device in just a few minutes. Stealth Tracking Our software uses the latest stealth tracing system to give you fast and accurate results.

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Easy to Use CellSpotting is designed with ease of use in mind. It can be used by even the least technical person. We also provide professional and active support to our software users. What is CellSpotting? How does the tool work? Why Use CellSpotting? Click the download button above and get CellSpotting tool today!