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That way if your boyfriend check his email on your computer, it will record everything that he type. Those spy software is not free but it doesn't cost much. Renee , 3 Sep pm. Hi, I just want to say thank you for posting this message. I'm sure it will prevent some people from making mistakes by falling for these obvious scams.

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It seems these people believe they're doing their own kind of low-grade hacking here by telling people these things so that they're sending their passwords out. Some of the stuff I read just seems too easy. I'm not exactly sure how you can actually get passwords and view other people's emails but I do know researching always helps.

There are books out there that claim to teach you how to hack, such as a hacking for dummies book I found out about it really seems like those guys actually have a book for everything. I don't know how legitimate those books are, but they could probably help some. I believe truly knowing how these systems the ones you want to hack into and the systems they work with work is the first key.

Mark , 19 Nov am. Well ive been looking for a way to get into an e-mail on aol as my ex girfriend managed o hack my msn and wiped all of my data stored.

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I f you have any ideas yet then please drop me a line. D Sherbourne , 25 Aug pm. I've done it a couple of times accidently, I'll look and see if I can find it again. I'll try looking again, I have a 15 year old daughter that's always up to something.

BTW can I have your users name and password? Ha Ha. Brother I am going to tell you there are to many jerks trying to screw up someones computer.

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I was married and found my ex cheating. There are vbetter thing to do that can become fun and turn you into a detective.

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You can by things on ebay 1. Have fun. Aslso before I forget get a voice activated tap-e recorder and leave in her car fun fun fun. Take care Joe. Frankie profile , 11 May pm. I too am wanting to get into my wife's email to see what she's up to. Anonymous Coward , 24 Jul am. Fawk you , 10 Nov pm. Jay , 31 Dec pm. Tim motha fucka , 23 Jun pm. Okay whatever they are lyin. If they know how to hack sn then hack Bbabygirl sn and ssweetheart sn. Ye Win Tun , 5 May pm.

I would like how to get a friend password to look at email and his connent tion and use the mail. Mickey , 29 Nov am. I tried it retrieving the password as you typed it, but I recieved an error message saying failure to deliver. Do you know of any other way please reply soon. Morgan , 23 Feb am. Hi i want to get on someones screename BUT i dont want to change thier password SO how can i get on there?

Anonymous Coward , 26 Feb am. Anonymous Coward , 4 Mar pm. Anonymous Coward , 19 Nov pm. Ellen , 2 Dec am. Anonymous Coward , 2 Jul am. HaqMan , 3 Jun pm. Your a dick , 29 Jun pm. Your a dick swoller , please feel free to choke on your boyfriends dick. Your an ass. I hate no life people like you. Anonymous Coward , 27 Jan am.

We're All Still Secretly Using Our 1990s AOL Screen Names. Why?

Hacker profile , 14 Jul am. Such a lost cause, you people will never learn. To crack anything encrypted it is one of the easiest tasks to complete, unlike moronic people I'm currently quoting this is not how you get into someone else's account. If you want lesson I charge very high prices since I can teach you in a very short manner. Quality for quality, ps. Waqas , 13 Jun am. I want to know this trick because my had stole my password and i want my password back plz help me by telling me the trick.

I want to know this trick because my friend had stole my password and i want my password back plz help me by telling me the trick. Paul , 18 Jun pm. David , 21 Nov pm. Brian , 19 Jul pm. Could you get me the password for my girlfriends aol account, she has been cheating on me. Hacktownusa , 23 Jul pm. Anonymous Coward , 13 Sep pm.

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Man, all your lame asses want to get back to your dorky junior high girlfriends. Pathetic Lifes you have. Eric , 28 Aug pm. U should know how I feel, can u please help me if you found a way to get aol password please e-mail me soon. Person , 18 Apr pm. You know It is sorta devistating to the person you do it to.

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So don't ask for help to do it! Find current aol password for the following email: Manicmaine aol.

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Lady Barcode , 5 Feb pm. You can always back up your files and reformat your computer, with your recovery disk. First off,do not send any e-mails to whoever said you can ahck by doing that. Second off,they would not need your password since all the passwords are stored on a server. You're just wasting your time.

They just want your passwords. Also,I doubr you want to get into your girlsfriend's account. You probably just want to hack for the hell of it. I'ts not easy,or fun. Richard , 14 Apr pm. Manpreet , 23 Mar pm. Please help me as my email was stollen by somebody I don't know.