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January 14, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. January 29, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. February 15, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. As far as we know, the columns of available data will be the same sort of basic data available in the microfilm images: surname, given name, year, borough, etc.

More on that below. But because this will have so many rows of data probably millions! But whether they will do so or not is entirely up to them. We assume most people would prefer to use the database format. But we only got it for Luckily, the information in that present marriage database should still be legally available to the public under New York FOIL, as long as any overly-personal information gets redacted from the database first.

So, in order to complete this data set, Reclaim The Records will be making a new records request for the or perhaps New York City marriage index later this year or early next year. We are committed to getting this post marriage index data, too.

For another thing, a database would include all the same-sex couples whose marriages started to be recorded in New York City starting in June , so this would we think be the first-ever genealogical marriage records data set open to the public on any website to finally include same-sex marriages. That definitely seems like a worthwhile thing to contribute to the world. And indeed, that in-house database they have does have that information available as database columns for the brides and grooms, although the older microfilms do not.

So we asked, could we perhaps just get the year of birth instead, dropping the month and day? So we figured, why not try to push it and ask for the data here?

Ways to obtain a vital record:

So we sighed and we decided not to fight them on this issue, which could potentially have gotten us tied up in court for months. They will be redacting the birthdate columns from the database before they give it to us.

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If we have to compromise a little, this seems okay to us. Paperwork and Court Filings. Reclaim The Records vs. Photo of the microfilms we received. Browse the Records. Get the latest news! Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter Join 6, others, stay updated on our work by subscribing to our free newsletter. And, if he was lucky, that pronouncement would come from the Supreme Court of the United States. He argued that the sentence of banishment was cruel and unusual punishment and violated due process of law. And he argued the Virginia miscegenation law violated the equal protection clause of the 14 th Amendment.

The judge obviously had no interest in revisiting a conviction and sentence that he thought perfectly justified. Seven months after Cohen filed his motion, he got another letter from the Lovings. Please write us and let us know what you think. We will be looking to hear from you. His case was in limbo land. Cohen decided he needed help. He decided to stop by the office of his old constitutional law professor at Georgetown.

Marriage Rights and Religious Exemptions in the United States

The other visitor was a young lawyer named Philip Hirschkop. Hirschkop proposed an idea for getting Judge Bazile off the dime—or maybe even doing an end-run around his court altogether. Cohne filed his class-action suit in federal court in Virginia. The federal judge refused to issue an immediate restraining order, but he did call for a three-judge panel to hear the case. After Cohen submitted his brief to the federal court, the Lovings met with reporters.

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We are not marrying the state. The law should allow a person to marry anyone he wants. He wrote out his page decision in longhand on a yellow legal pad.

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The power to regulate marriages, he declared, rests entirely with the states. And but for the interference with his arrangement, there would be no cause for such marriages.

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The fact that he separated the races shows that He did not intend for the races to mix. They did, however, rule that during the appeal process the couple could live together in Virginia. And that, of course, was a victory in itself. For the first time in six years they could see friends and family and live the lives they wanted to live. The Lovings case continued to attract attention. LIFE magazine sent a photographer to their rural Virginia hideaway home to document their lives.

The Virginia Supreme Court surprised no one with its decision. The Court said the precedents supporting miscegenation laws were still good law and must be followed. Brown v Board and other cases striking down segregation laws were not applicable. Marriage, the court said, is a concern of the states, not the federal government. The Lovings said they would appeal. We are doing it for us—because we want to live here.

Oral argument was set for April. At stake would be not only the miscegenation law of Virginia, but also those of 15 other southern and border states. Hirschkop and Cohen divided their 30 minutes of argument time. Cohen had the last words. They were both moving and effective:. Cohen, tell the Court I love my wife and it is just unfair that I can't live with her in Virginia. He argued that the legislative history of the 14 th Amendment showed the framers had no intention to ban laws against mixed marriages. Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote the opinion.

The decision was unanimous. Warren called the law a clear case of invidious racial discrimination that served no legitimate purpose. As if one constitutional violation were not enough, he added that the law also violated the Due Process Clause. After the decision, the Lovings drove to Alexandria meet their attorneys and talk to reporters.

He meant to send a message. My wife and I plan to go ahead and build a new house now. For the next eight years, life for Richard and Mildred was, well, normal.

But life can change or end in an instant. In late June, , around midnight, the Lovings were returning home from a night out in Bowling Green. A drunk driver blew a stop sign.

Richard was crushed by the steering wheel and died at the scene. Mildred suffered serious injuries and lost an eye.

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Bernhard Cohen represented her in a civil suit against the drunk driver who killed her husband. Mildred never remarried. Mildred Loving died in She was buried in a cemetery by St. Next to her is a granite monument marking the gravesite of her husband. Loving versus Virginia settled the question of whether states could ban interracial marriages.

But it raised another question. If states cannot ban interracial marriages, what other types of marriages might they not ban? What about, for example, marriages between two people of the same sex? That question reached the Supreme Court sooner than you might have supposed. Less than four years after the Court handed down its decision in the Loving case.

The case arose in Minneapolis.