How to make friends in new location

It all lends itself to friendship, especially over the long haul, much more than spreading out all your activities. Re-connect with old friends and acquaintances. This is a good one.

Moving to a New City: How an Introvert Made 200+ New Friends in 30 Days

Local religious organizations are one of the most sure-fire ways to meet new people and make new friends. Most of our current friends have been the result of connecting at church. Make detailed plans. It took a few months to realize this, so we finally made some concrete plans and things have worked out well. Have a hobby and be open to meeting people while doing it. In our case, we practiced our hobby alone, but were open to meeting people along the way.

The state of Colorado has about small breweries — they are like coffee shops out here. On one occasion, we were sitting at a table and heard someone next to us talking about how he went to college just a half hour from where we did.

What do you do when you move somewhere new and you don’t know anyone?

Take advantage of the internet. Sites like meetup.

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You can scan events happening in your area, and decide whether or not to go — no one is keeping an attendance sheet. Would you mind sitting down with me over a cup of coffee and talking about networking and business opportunities? Connect with your coworkers. This one can be tricky. You have to test the waters and perhaps attend a few networking events together or a happy hour after work.

Open your house for meals and get-togethers. This is admittedly difficult. A few months into having our house, we just now feel comfortable having people over. It also helps that Jane is the entertaining type. This is one of those things that can really only happen as you start to make some acquaintances. This is a great way to foster the type of environment that gets people to open up more. Offer to host a make-your-own pizza night or a college football afternoon.

It also tends to happen that if you offer to host, it will be reciprocated in the near future. In general, the biggest things that will help you in a new city are being open to friendships and opportunities wherever you go, and then following up and making concrete plans. I very rarely regret it. We should grab a coffee soon and talk more about [item of interest you discussed]. How does next week look for you? Keep it brief, show your gratitude, and always follow-up within 24 hours of meeting someone.

A simple spreadsheet is more than enough.

Make friends online

I myself use this awesome Airtable template that is a much more powerful alternative to spreadsheets. Alternatively, you can try this Trello template made by Matt Bilotti. A list of the many things I did in the last month that helped me start new friendships.

How to Meet New People - 10 Tips to Meeting Friends in your Area

Most likely you will have an old friend or two living in your new city. This is a great opportunity to re-kindle old friendships, and make new connections through them.

You can do some quick searches on social media to find out who is living in your city:. Facebook Search. Message each of those friends and let them know of your big move. You can also apply the same search to Twitter and LinkedIn. Aim to reach out to these friends at least a week before you move. The best way to do this is to straight up ask them:. Another approach I took is to ask friends from my old city if they have any friends in San Francisco I should get to know. In fact I had a friend offer to do this without even an ask from my part:.

Alumni events in your area are one of the best ways to meet people with common interests. They are also especially good for sourcing career opportunities. It is incredibly easy to find alums from your alma mater. I did this in my first week in San Francisco and attended an alumni event later that weekend. I have met over 50 Purdue Alums so far, and I have become close friends with many of them. Take the opportunity to meet your new roommates and neighbors. Strike up a conversation with them when you see them around the building, and get to know them.

All it takes is doing simple acts of kindness. You can even make money from your generosity by going through peer rental platforms like fatlama. Alternatively, here are some creative things you can try:.

Where to meet people in Orlando

If you are moving for a new job or school, make an effort to get to know the people you will likely be spending the most time with. I came to San Francisco to attend Tradecraft , a week immersive training program for people who want to work with startups. So far I have built incredible friendships with over 75 students, alums, instructors, and mentors.

Take them out to lunch, coffee, or after-work drinks. Learn what they are passionate about and provide as much value to them as you can. These people will likely end up being your biggest career advocates.

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Meetups and events are an awesome way to meet like minded people. I aim to attend as many tech talks as I can, like the Women In Growth event I participated in a few weeks ago. A great resource is Meetup.


How To Make Friends When You Move To A New Place As An Adult

Here you can find a lot of cool stuff to attend. One of the things I wanted to start doing when I first moved to San Francisco was meditation. There are likely plenty of opportunities to join a sports team or physical activity club. Use Meetup to join a sports team, book club, or hiking group—Morry says active pastimes may be better ways to meet people than solo activities. Outside of personal interests, work, and school, the next easiest place to find friends is your neighborhood, Morry says. Smile and say hi to your neighbors in the laundry room, at the mailbox, or as you both carry groceries from the parking garage.

After breaking the ice, move on to small talk, asking the other person plenty of questions.

Download the friend-finding app, Hey! VINA.

People like it when you show an interest in them, Morry adds. One scary thing about a totally new city? Luckily, social media transcends location, so tap your established friendship circle to help you create a new one. We all know a couple that has, against all odds, found happiness through a dating app, so why not find friends the same way?

Her site, GirlFriendCircles, matches women to meet in small groups at local cafes. Also check out Hey! VINA, an app that connects ladies with similar interests, or Friendsy, which is exclusive to college students.

Step 1: Get Those Friendship Juices Flowing

Taking classes is a good way to meet people interested in trying new experiences and breaking out of their everyday routine, Bonior says. CourseHorse is a nice option for finding in-person adult classes, as is Groupon. One study found that people in singing groups bond more quickly than those in a creative writing or craft class.

Singing transcends cultural barriers and helps build social cohesion, researchers say. Church choirs are a great option, but you can also browse Meetup for nondenominational groups. Find Zumba workouts or ballroom dancing classes in your area on ClassPass or Groupon. Sign up for a weekend away at a retreat or extended-time class, Nelson suggests.